Papel y Pulpa

Process Instruments is present in all markets where water is processed. All of these markets present their own challenges to monitoring and control and none more so than paper and pulp. With the high level of solids often present, monitoring anything in the water in the paper industry is challenging. Pi has been working with some of the industry leaders for more than 15 years and has solutions to many of the issues that arise including; the Autoflush that can deal with 2% or 3% solids, the Autoclean features of the ORP and pH sensors for dip or insertion installations and, online solids monitoring in the waste treatment processes. Contact Pi today to ask if we have a solution for your online monitoring and control problems.


Analizador con Múltiples Parámetros

Los analizadores con múltiples sensores, parámetros.

Conductivity meter


La gama ConductiSense de medidores de conductividad online de Pi cuenta con los mejores.

Ozone Sensor


La gama DioSense, equipada con el sensor de dióxido de cloro más moderno del mundo a día de hoy.



La gama de dispositivos de control HaloSense se utiliza en multitud de situaciones.

ORP Sensor


La gama ORPSense de medidores de ORP de Pi cuenta con los mejores.



El analizador de ozono residual de Pi, creado para medir la concentración de ozono en el agua.

Pi’s pH sensor- pHSense for potable water and process applications


La gama pHSense de medidores de pH online de Pi cuenta con los mejores.

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