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Process monitoring and control is an important aspect of food and drink manufacturing, ensuring the water used in any application is safe and consistent. The use of instrumentation will ensure your food or drink process meets water quality standards. Particularly focused on disinfectant control, Pi offers solutions to measuring Hydrogen Peroxide, Chlorine, Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide and Peracetic Acid in challenging Food and Drink applications. Contact Pi now for advice and more information on how Pi might be able to enable your processes.

Ozone Sensor


La gama DioSense, equipada con el sensor de dióxido de cloro más moderno del mundo a día de hoy, está compuesta por analizadores, dispositivos de control.

Ozone Sensor


La gama de dispositivos de control HaloSense se utiliza en multitud.

Ozone Sensor


La gama ORPSense de medidores de ORP de Pi cuenta con los mejores.

Ozone Sensor


El analizador de ozono residual de Pi, creado para medir la concentración de ozono en el agua.

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